Makeup changes how we look and can even change how we feel u2014 but does it change how other people feel about us? "The first time he saw me without makeup, my boyfriend asked me if I was sick," writes Brinton Parker at Bustle. Intrigued by this phenomenon, Parker decided to keep track of who said what to her when she wore different amounts Golden Goose Sneakers of cosmetics.

Over a period of three days, Parker went to class sporting various levels of makeup, from none to heavy. The reactions she got are relatively predictable: Someone asked her if she had a rough weekend on no-makeup Monday, and on heavy-makeup Friday she was asked if she was going to prom. But, what is surprising here is how consistently her makeup was remarked upon.

Rather than feel negatively about the fact that her face is constantly the subject of comments, Parker comes away from the experiment with an extremely healthy outlook. "People like their voices to be heard, so they will comment on my face, hair, and outfits, but ultimately their statements are just words," she writes. Golden Goose Sneakers Sale It's a refreshing conclusion, and we're not sure if we would have reached the same one. But, maybe we're just bitter.